Closing without ceremony….

Nearly a week since the dig ended and doesn’t it feel strange!  But I’ve collected a few photos to help us close up ….

Saturday 2nd, in the pouring rain, Norman did 2 tours – one for Mellor Archaeological Society ……….DSC_0677…………and one for the Greater Manchester Archaeological Federation – (it was even wetter by then…)DSC_0686

Norman gave a resume of the end-of-dig archaeological findings..DSC_0681…this is Trench 2, with its enigmatic archaeology, full of potential for the next round,

and here is Trench 1….DSC_0683  ….with its roads, barrack blocks, burnt areas suggesting banks of ovens, and the no-ditch situation at the far end –


Can’t resist showing you the gyrocopter photo of Trench 6 again as it’s so spectacular, and reminding you of the amazing and mysterious structures appearing in the last week!

_MG_0069_Copyright_Suave_Air_Photos… here’s something you may not have seen before – it’s a piece of the wood found in the base of the post-hole dug by Marc, not the piece in the bucket that I showed you last week but an even better one –

(this photo by Sue) –KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA – think of this, it’s the actual wood of the post that was put into a post-hole dug somewhere around AD 79 in order to make the East Gate entrance to the Agricolan Fort.

The other images I can’t resist showing you again now are these –DSC_0286 – yes it’s the turf wall base of the Eastern rampart…… 2014-07-18 14.50.53

And here’s the 18th Century cottage, excavated by the Key Stage 2 children of Saddleworth, looking fabulous having been tidied up for its photo –



Today – I went up to site for you,

DSC_0695…… show you how it looks now….

DSC_0697  – Trench 2

Trench 1 – DSC_0698

DSC_0700 …Trench 1 from the other end looking up at the ramparts

Trench 6 and the East Gate…..DSC_0703 with a nice white marker boulder?!

DSC_0705 – the Via Praetoria – then looking the other way – towards the East Gate…DSC_0710

DSC_0708 – here’s the cottage of course,

and then I left, via a lovely Road! …DSC_0714DSC_0715 – and here’s the site from afar, just about to have the last of its cabins taken away.

Goodbye Castleshaw, till next time.

In the next few weeks I’ll bring you some of the highlights of the dig, just to keep the memories alive!

Your faithful Bloggerina

6 thoughts on “Closing without ceremony….

  1. It’s been a BRILLIANT blog and I’ve enjoyed everyday of it 😊 Many, many, thanks Bloggerina, you have created a great record.

  2. I’ll second that, thanks for all your hard work especially when you’ve spent all day up on site and then to write the blog. G’ud on u, Flintwoman

  3. IN a few weeks time it will seem like no one was there; so much work in a little over 5 weeks on site and not much to see now. Roll on next year hopefully. Flintwoman.

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