1.8.14 – Week 4 Day 5

And so it’s the end of the dig.

Great to end though with some fabulous photos for you from Greg the Gyrocopter man…couldn’t have timed it better for going out on a high (!).  All the photos from Greg are copyrighted.

.._MG_0042_Copyright_Suave_Air_Photos – here’s an unusual view from overhead – from the NW

_MG_0069_Copyright_Suave_Air_Photos…. Trench 6: postholes, darker marks of Bruton/Andrew/Lees trenches, the feature at the edge of the trench bottom middle, the direction of the road to the right…

_MG_0133_Copyright_Suave_Air_Photos….. Trench 1: the whole glorious 80 m of it, with 4 roads, a rampart, building slots and all manner of activity.

_MG_0126_Copyright_Suave_Air_PhotosTrench 2: watch this space for more information!

_MG_0140_Copyright_Suave_Air_Photos…beautiful overview of the 4 trenches.

As for today it was a busy busy time, cleaning, photographing, drawing, levelling, visitors to show round …. here’s some photos from ground level to say goodbye…

DSC_0659 – a complete drawing of Trench 1, expertly done under John’s tuition and held up in the wind and rain by John, Sue, Linda and Richard!

DSC_0663 Sonia packing up…

Adam and Vicky reviewing the situation..DSC_0664

DSC_0667.. Trench 1, so many hours of work from so many willing people, now, at the end of it all, quiet and alone.


And finally it’s Vicky, wheeling her stuff away.  But the end quote goes to her!  She says – ‘don’t think you’re getting rid of me that easily – I’ll be back!’    A great big thank you to Vicky and her team, it was great knowing you, and yes!… please come back soon.

One day next week I’ll talk to Vicky and get her post dig ‘cogitations’ on the archaeology and also I’ll get you a folder of notable finds and notable anything else.

A HUGE AND GRATEFUL THANK YOU, from the committee, to all the volunteers who made this dig possible and who gave so much, through extremely hot to pretty wet weather, no toilets, no water, and anything else that could have got you down….. we couldn’t have done it without you!

Farewell for now, your Bloggerina






2 thoughts on “1.8.14 – Week 4 Day 5

  1. Hello.

    A massive thank you to everyone at the dig that I have been attending from 21/07/14.

    It has been a massive learning experience and a personal achievement that I am very proud of.

    Thank you again.


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