28.7.2014 – Week 4 Day 1

Well here we are in the last week!  Seems to have gone fast but at the same time longer than three weeks ….. still lots of diggers raring to go every day even in the blazing temperatures we’ve been having…Trench 1 pretty well full of them today –


In fact Trench 1 has been having its big clean-up ready for photographs – but still a couple of features emerging which I’ll tell you about tomorrow.  Here’s the bit where the ‘portico’ stands with a service road at one side of it and the intervallum at the other, I know you’ll agree that it’s looking wonderful!


Just a bit further up, near where Sue is trowelling…and believe me she’s v hot and v dusty.. looks a bit like a chimney sweep under that hair- DSC_0473…a great piece of probably mortarium has been excavated……here’s John holding it so that you can see the profile and rim…


and here’s another view…DSC_0477

Over in Trench 2 Vicky and Sonia were finally getting to grips with working out the Thompson trenches and relationships between features.  Vicky says it’s done, all down to Sonia’s magic touch!  DSC_0464

So here’s one of the questions re Thompson’s trench cleared up –DSC_0468

and here’s another, running right under the surface as you can clearly see..


and under the hard-standing surface mentioned last week is ?- look on the right-hand side of the photo and you’ll see a flat stone disappearing?  How exciting is that!? DSC_0466

Sonia and Vicky think that the feature is general industrial activity some time after the big fort is closed, but attached to the fortlet… ?  Do we have time to find out?

Anyhow… just as I arrived at Trench 2 this afternoon they were measuring, as in this photo…….DSC_0463

to ascertain the findspot for – guess what – yes, another melon bead!

And here it is – DSC_0481

It’s been a busy organizing day in the finds cabin –   here’s the melon bead sitting waiting to be filed in its rightful place – DSC_0482

and after that everything is ready for Ruth Leary, who’ll be visiting tomorrow to tell us more about the other pottery that we have.  We have a piece of mystery pot (that I’ll show you tomorrow) and we’re hoping that Ruth can tell us all about it …..can’t wait!


Iam non erit vobis in cibum amicitia  (friends, it’s time for food)


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