23.7.14 – Week 3 Day 3

I’m taking you straight to Trench 7 today – you can see the end of the turf wall-base of the ramparts, then beyond it the stone feature (that you saw only the top of earlier in the week) is now exposed as shown below. And it looks very interesting indeed…given that it’s inside the ramparts but up against them really and in two parts – could it be the base for a platform which might allow the soldiers a view over/through to the East.. or other?  any interesting ideas send them through – bloggerina@castleshawarchaeology.co.uk…

but I’ll get the official view tomorrow!


On to Trench 6 and the road cleaning goes on – chances are says Vicky quite high that people-traffic along the road, along with the little grooves in between the stones, may mean that many small items could be lodged down those…. if they’re there we should find them… and here’s Annaruth giving it a go – just so that you know she’s doing her Duke of Edinburgh award and completing 4 days of varied work here as part of that. DSC_0364

At the Gateway the post-holes are developing wonderfully well – here’s the one from yesterday that showed that the Bruton/Andrew/Lees team didn’t excavate deeply into the post-holes and you can see how far Jenny is down there now – and in the second picture of her working she’s going yet wider as it seems that the edge is further out…



Marc is investigating the post-hole at the S side of the Gateway …….but finding the edge is proving difficult ….


Here’s the other central one, that Anne’s been doing, and by the end of the afternoon she was moving the stones away…and wanted a picture of how the post-hole looked before that – here it is Anne, sorry to the person who’s legs are in the picture – and here’s Anne herself looking for something in the empty bucket….

DSC_0368 DSC_0370

Trench 2 is still being very interesting! And it’s now being looked after by Sarah…


..also helping John doing his levelling…DSC_0372…and here’s his finished drawing –DSC_0387

Below Sarah, Sue and Jacqui are working out relationships and contexts in Trench 2

DSC_0376..and here’s the probable find of the day, a beautiful blue glass bead found by eagle-eyed Jacqui in a post-hole fill….

DSC_0378 DSC_0380

This is Margaret looking at the confusion of Thompson’s trenches showing up in Trench 2………..


and here’s how the Thompson’s Beaker pit looks now – still with the mysterious organic patches and an interesting stone, looking like a floor – but no trace of any kind of Beaker pottery….


Speaking of floors here is one (below), or a likely one anyhow, just at the end of Thompson’s trench on E side of Trench 2… looking like a lovely hard-packed surface, easy to walk on, unlike, of course, the roads.  With this image of the floor is a lovely one of a hearth, just a bit further to the N, worth showing you, for it seems as perfect an example of a hearth in a floor that I’ve seen!

DSC_0385 DSC_0386

Must show you the picture of Rob, finished now with his education archaeology duties, and for all you children who came up to excavate at the site and had some teaching from him – we made him work hard too although he does look a little bit like he’s resting here!  He’s finding the natural surface under Thompson’s trench in Trench 1, in between one of the cut through service roads.


Below is what’s going on at the intervallum area of Trench 1 – the drainage ditches are found! One was excavated by Thompson, one is untouched by him.  The undisturbed archaeology shows that the re-excavation and evaluation of the previously dug trenches is completely worthwhile – there’s still valuable information to be found and interpreted.

DSC_0391 DSC_0392


Finally we had a site visit today from Ken Bennett from the Oldham Chron and Aimee Howarth from the Saddleworth Independent. And here they are –


Hope you enjoyed your visit!

Post script to Ted Platt – Sorry no photo of you Ted!  didn’t find you in the trenches… but if you’re back another day I surely will.


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