22.7.14 – Week 3 Day 2

 Geo-phyzz days – in the wet, and in the dry

First – the wettest Saturday you could have and still continue – and it was the day of the Bradford GSB team’s offer to test their new (expensive) equipment on a survey of the challenging N side of the fort outside the ramparts.  (Pictures of the wet Saturday by Phil Barrett)

DSC_0346 …

Setting up..

DSC_0349 - Copy

Beginning the challenge….

………..DSC_0396….DSC_0375 - Copy…Ending the challenge…

Contrary to what you might believe from Facebook the water did penetrate some of their equipment but they didn’t use or wreck their very expensive new machine – much too wet and much too risky – but they have said they’ll come back another day!  It’s a great opportunity for us to have a team such as this working with us and watch this space for more news.

Tameside Archaeological Society (TAS) were also with us in the rain and brought some results of their surveys over the past weeks.  It’s incredibly difficult terrain for their equipment, but still there are clear results to see and interpret…although you can’t see the results on this photo at least you get a good impression of the wet and how happy they are with their findings!

…….DSC_0402 John and Greta with the printouts

Today we were very pleased to have TAS back again to give us a workshop on resistivity and magnetometry geophysical surveying… this time on one of the hottest days that you could have and still continue!

DSC_0579….Setting up,

measuring out the grids…

 DSC_0591  DSC_0589

DSC_0601 ..John getting ready to go with the resistivity survey..

The picture below is taken from the boards at the site of the fortlet – the part that’s being surveyed in the workshop is predominantly the Commander’s quarters – i.e. the building with the red roof…


Here’s Jasmine having a go….




Stephanie…….DSC_0612DSC_0618  and Edwin

Then we had a swap round and Keith explained magnetometry to this group…



but it was not actually possible to do the survey as it can’t be done by anyone wearing metal of any kind, unless it’s titanium…

Meanwhile back in the trenches – Trench 2 was being cleaned this afternoon for detailed photos tomorrow – it has some lovely photogenic post-holes as you can see below –

DSC_0593… and also an enigmatic black feature in Thompson’s pit ….


One of the post-holes in Trench 6 – where you saw Terry digging yesterday – has revealed more stone packing and a Roman layer, previously undisturbed by the Bruton/Andrew/Lees team – shown by the lack of the usual debris from that era. Jenny is digging it now and all are hoping that the bottom of the post-hole can be reached, and best of all with a Roman deposit at the base.

DSC_0627 Here’s Jenny…

…and here’s a little further along the road, where the blacker surface around the jutting out stone feature is not drying out like the other surfaces, possibly signalling the terminus of the ditch by the ramparts –


DSC_0623 Here’s Sue pretending to be a Roman seller of wares by the roadside… actually she’s minding some of the nicer finds that we laid out for today’s group of visitors – a group of trainees from Jubilee Colliery HLF Community Excavation.

And finally –DSC_0633……….there’s drawing going on!  This is John doing his drawing of the Via Principalis where it’s been revealed as cut through by Thompson at the W end of Trench 1.

Cras autem reverteris, Bloggeria (tomorrow Bloggeria will return)


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