Finally we have a project!

Last week HLF gave us permission to make public our news! Yes, they’ve given us a great grant to run the project that we’ve been on and on about …. a year long plan to excavate at Castleshaw Roman Forts in Saddleworth.


images cs

Yes indeed,                                                                                                                             Friends of Castleshaw Roman Forts and HLF are now joined in happy togetherness.

And this is how the Castleshaw site looks from the air….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   fort


And just for an introductory blog today here’s what’s been happening this weekend…… letting rip in Ella’s gorgeous garden… here is Ella looking quite happy about it all


But despite much rain…………there was a hint of the Roman Road

DSC_0042 DSC_0045 DSC_0665_2000px

…with diggers Cliff and Maurice going for it….

DSC_0049 and Rachel with Holly finding rubble galore……

then Norman giving it a good pickaxe-ing                                                                                                                                                            DSC_0060

DSC_0053  After a lot of looking………..

and listening..                  .DSC_0066 (2).                                        DSC_0673_2000px                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Panorama_2000px


the sad news from our illustrious leader Norman is that

DSC_0057 …….it’s all post medieval

But here, just to keep our spirits up, is a pic of some of us                                                                            DSC_0686_2000px

standing on an actual ROMAN ROAD, no really – it is.  Later I’ll bring you a fuller report of this weekend’s work from Norman.

And in the weeks ahead, when we’re doing no digging, I’ll backtrack through our blogstory taking us right up to the start of the community dig in July.

Fond farewells from Jane, your faithful bloggerina.



2 thoughts on “Finally we have a project!

  1. Jane,
    Your Blog should also have a reference to Ken Booth’s Book “Roman Saddleworth” that we (Saddleworth Archaeological Trust) published in 2001. Copies are available in Saddleworth Museum, and most of the local schools were provided with free copies. (We were asked to do this in the Heritage Lottery Grant, that we had.)
    Ken has put a large amount of Castleshaw Forts info. into his book.
    Ken and I were also involved with Donald Haigh’s booklet, Saddleworth 712, when we put cross sections across the Roman Road in Saddleworth. The booklet in on line in our Castleshaw Friend’s Web site.
    Best wishes,
    David Chadderton

    • Hi David

      Thanks for your comment – yes – the first post was just an intro .. some light bits from the Ella’s garden dig weekend and the second is the timeline up to the beginning of formal archaeology – the next few posts are to list all the archaeological endeavours since the late 19th century to date. This will take us up to the current project and the background to it will thus be already given as a framework and very important platform for this coming year. I’m intending to give attention to all the written and practical work in the last 115 years or so. Thanks again and hope to hear from you over the coming months …. J

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